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9:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.

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8:00 a.m. to 5: 00 p.m.

Phone (570)-366-3103

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Interceptor Realignment Project

The Interceptor Realignment Project consists of realigning the existing interceptor that travels through the Right-of-Way parallel to the Mahannon Creek by connecting MH 14 located near Ridge Road into MH 261E at the intersection of Ridge Road and South Liberty Street. This realignment will allow us to abandon the existing interceptor (12-inch) that travels through the Right-of-Way, which has limited access as well as known structural / hydraulic capacity / inflow and infiltration issues.

The proposed interceptor (18-inch diameter) will then travel from the intersection of Ridge Road and South Liberty Street down South Liberty Street towards the Wastewater Treatment Plant. This realignment will then allow us to abandon the existing interceptor (8-inch) that travels down South Liberty Street, which has known hydraulic capacity issues.

Here is a map of the project area.

Emergency Notification

Add/Remove/Update Your Contact Information

In our efforts to provide more reliable communications with Residents [and Businesses] in the borough, we have implemented Swiftreach Networks, Inc. as our Emergency Notification service provider.

Swift911™ in its simplest form is a system that makes phone calls to specific people or areas in the event of an emergency or for sharing important information. All the calls you receive will have the Caller ID of Orwigsburg Borough or Orwigsburg Police Department.

If you are not receiving these calls, please fill out the form by clicking on the image above and add or update your contact information.

You may also remove yourself from our lists, however this and the website are the only ways to recieve emergency information related to the borough.

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Office Space Available

The Borough has office space for rent on the first floor of Borough Hall. The space is 1,300 sq. ft and can be subdivided. The space is ideal for a sole practitioner or partnership in a service profession. Rent will include heat, electric and snow removal. Tenant is responsible for cable and phone. If interested please contact the Borough Office at 366-3103.

Snow Emergency Reminder

In the event of a Snow Emergency there is no parking permitted on the square. On all other Snow Emergency Routes parking will be restricted to one side, with no parking on the even side of the street on even numbered dates and no parking on the odd side of the street on odd numbered dates.