Orwigsburg Veterans Memorial Development Task Force


The Task Force maintains its own separate website.  To visit and learn more about this project, click below.

Orwigsburg  Veterans Memorial Development Task Force

This building was built with private funds by a group of local citizens and businesses.  It was dedicated in July 1950 to honor our local Veterans.  Building ownership was then turned over to the Borough in the 1960’s for it to be used as a Community Building.  The “Veterans Memorial” Building has been an integral part of the Orwigsburg and Southern Schuylkill Community for over 60 years.

The building is currently being renovated by  The Orwigsburg Veteran Memorial Development Task Force which is a group of local volunteers.  They are working with the Borough to update the building.

The building is available for use to local citizens, businesses and organizations.  The rental form can be obtained under the “Forms” section of this webpage.

The building is used for community sponsored events, youth sports, Recreation Programs, Concerts, Class Reunions, Concerts, birthday parties, open gym, Fire Department training classes, Holiday festivities and other events.  It is often defined as the “back up location” for outside Community events if it rains.  The building is open to individuals, businesses or groups if they complete the rental form, pay the rental fee/deposit and provide proof of insurance.  It can be used for birthday parties, graduation parties, class reunions and other similar events.

Insurance can be obtained for organizations by contacting any local insurance agent.  Individuals can contact their agent that provides homeowners insurance and have a special event rider added to their policy for the specific event.   Local organizations such as Little League, OAYL, Softball, Orwigsburg Lions and other organizations provide proof of insurance on an annual basis.

When using the facility – please realize that the Task Force has various projects under construction.  The building renovation is a work in progress.   There is a kitchen in the facility but it has minimal features at this time – it is the goal of the Task Force to install a new caterer’s kitchen over the next year or two.  If you want to utilize the building/kitchen – please visit the facility so you can verify the amenities and determine if they meet your needs/desires.


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